A better way to protect our community

Tuesday night’s community meeting in Kahnawake to hear alternatives to the current membership law really got me thinking about great amendments to propose so that the law actual does what many want it to do.

If the goal is to ‘protect’ our community, then I think we should add an amendment that evicts anyone with a criminal record. These are people who have broken laws and have most probably caused pain in the process. Why would we want those people here?! They should be at the top of the ‘undesirable’ list. Plus, with eviction as a deterrent, I bet the crime rate drops!

However, if the goal is to preserve our identity – and it’s a globally accepted truth that language is the heart of a culture – then we should also evict everyone who isn’t fluent or in the process of learning Kanien’keha. It’s never too late to learn and this is of the utmost importance to maintain our credibility as a unique people. So for everyone who choses not to uphold this responsibility, they should be evicted too.

Just with these two new amendments, we’ll transform our community overnight! Our language will flourish and we can stop being afraid of the Canadian government discrediting us. Plus, our families will be healthier with the riff raff out of our hair. The final bonus – lots of resources freed up so we can all benefit! Super idea, right?

This works with the seven generations in mind since our kids will grow up immersed in the language and my future daughter, and her daughter, won’t be molested by you-know-who!

Oh – maybe we should add addicts too. This social issue is wreaking havoc on our families. Sure, there are underlying issues but since we don’t seem as concerned with healing those, best to just pitch them out too. Addicts do have the choice to figure their shit out or not. So if they chose the bottle or blow over the community, who needs em!

Yep, I think these new amendments will really improve the community. And if many people are being punished for being human, then evicting those who fall in love with the wrong race will be easier to swallow too.

If we are going to be cruel, let’s own it and be consistent, no?