A better way to protect our community

By Tracey Deer

Tuesday night’s community meeting in Kahnawake to hear alternatives to the current membership law really got me thinking about great amendments to propose so that the law actual does what many want it to do. If the goal is to ‘protect’ our community, then I think we should add an amendment that evicts anyone with a criminal record. These are people who have broken laws and have most probably caused pain in the process. Why would we want those people here?! They should be at the top of the ‘undesirable’ list. Plus, with eviction as a deterrent, I bet the crime rate drops!

Put me on “the list” By Tracey Deer

For the group who is compiling the despicable eviction list in Kahnawake, please add me to it because I’m in love with a wonderful Quebecois man named Sylvain and I have a house in Kahnawake that I plan to enjoy – because it is my HOME. But do send the eviction letter to me, not him, as I believe you should do for all the other Kahnawakero:non families that you are targeting. The only reason many of these non-Native people are here is because they love a Mohawk person and many have also created beautiful families with said Mohawk person.