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A better way to protect our community

Tuesday night’s community meeting in Kahnawake to hear alternatives to the current membership law really got me thinking about great amendments to propose so that the law actual does what many want it to do.

If the goal is to ‘protect’ our community, then I think we should add an amendment that evicts anyone with a criminal record. These are people who have broken laws and have most probably caused pain in the process. Why would we want those people here?! They should be at the top of the ‘undesirable’ list. Plus, with eviction as a deterrent, I bet the crime rate drops!

However, if the goal is to preserve our identity – and it’s a globally accepted truth that language is the heart of a culture – then we should also evict everyone who isn’t fluent or in the process of learning Kanien’keha. It’s never too late to learn and this is of the utmost importance to maintain our credibility as a unique people. So for everyone who choses not to uphold this responsibility, they should be evicted too.

Just with these two new amendments, we’ll transform our community overnight! Our language will flourish and we can stop being afraid of the Canadian government discrediting us. Plus, our families will be healthier with the riff raff out of our hair. The final bonus – lots of resources freed up so we can all benefit! Super idea, right?

This works with the seven generations in mind since our kids will grow up immersed in the language and my future daughter, and her daughter, won’t be molested by you-know-who!

Oh – maybe we should add addicts too. This social issue is wreaking havoc on our families. Sure, there are underlying issues but since we don’t seem as concerned with healing those, best to just pitch them out too. Addicts do have the choice to figure their shit out or not. So if they chose the bottle or blow over the community, who needs em!

Yep, I think these new amendments will really improve the community. And if many people are being punished for being human, then evicting those who fall in love with the wrong race will be easier to swallow too.

If we are going to be cruel, let’s own it and be consistent, no?

Put me on “the list” By Tracey Deer

For the group who is compiling the despicable eviction list in Kahnawake, please add me to it because I’m in love with a wonderful Quebecois man named Sylvain and I have a house in Kahnawake that I plan to enjoy – because it is my HOME.

But do send the eviction letter to me, not him, as I believe you should do for all the other Kahnawakero:non families that you are targeting. The only reason many of these non-Native people are here is because they love a Mohawk person and many have also created beautiful families with said Mohawk person.

So don’t ease your conscience by sending the letters to the Non-Native people. What you are really doing is evicting your own people, including innocent children, so own up to it and put our names on your ugly list and letters. You don’t want US because of the choices we’ve made for our own happiness. This is your true message.

I’ve heard all of the arguments to back up this latest “hit list”, and none make any sense to me. Non-Native people are not parasites or squatters- they aren’t something to “get rid of” – they are a part of our families and our ancestry too. When you hate on them, you are hating on yourself. It’s a very sad day for our own people to be filled with such self-loathing as to not recognize the gift of life.

As for “weakening the blood line and the government declaring us “White,” give me a break! Since when do we care what the government has to say about us? I’m more worried about our culture and language disappearing – you know, the stuff that really defines us as a people. And this precarious predicament we are in has nothing to do with a few non-Natives being here. That’s on every one of us. So if you are really concerned about our “survival,” I recommend you shift your focus to what really matters.

How about the argument that “they’re a drain on our resources.” Huh?! If I’m in my home alone or with a non-Native spouse, I’m going to need recycling and garbage pick-up regardless. And I have a right to be here. I don’t stop being Kanien’keha because of who my partner is. Isn’t it ironic that we are constantly fighting the outside governments for our rights – but now we are infringing upon the rights of our own brothers and sisters. That’s just messed up.

The chiefs are pointing to Mohawk Law. Yeah, it’s on the books but that doesn’t mean it’s right. That was created during a different time, in response to different circumstances. We are not in the same position anymore. We’ve evolved into a very strong Nation and our membership law needs to evolve too. We’ve been griped by fear and under the spell of legislation that was forced upon us for far too long.

Fact: White people have been a part of our families for decades and we are still here. Their presence has not “destroyed” us. In my thirty plus years, I’ve watched Kahnawake evolve for the better in many areas. Sure, some areas still stink (hello lack of unity and terrible meanness toward each other!), but what’s crappy here is of our own doing.

I get it. You did what you were “suppose to.” You settled. You suffered. And you continue to do so. What right do I have to carve a new path and be happy. There a rules, dammit! You followed them. So those of us that are “disobeying” need to be punished for not sacrificing ourselves like you did.

But you know what? It’s that attitude that has us in this mess. So many of you are consumed by anger and misery. But that’s your own fault. Sacrificing your own happiness is a bloody legacy around here but nothing good can come from that. So instead of pointing your pitchforks, focus on your own lives. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. Be happy. That’s how we’ll get stronger. That’s how we’ll persevere as a people. And that’s how we’ll raise healthy, proud Kanien’keha children.

I know what your grandmother always said. I know what your mother and father always said. I know what your cousin always says. I’ve heard the same within my own extended family. But I choose to disagree. This exclusive, destructive, blood-purist attitude held by some of you really fills me with sadness. And shame.

It’s such a shame that we have so much potential as a people but it’s being limited by such hatred and fear. But I know the dark pit many of you are stuck in. I was there too a long time ago, when I hated my Perras ancestor because it made me “less than.” This place made me HATE someone that gave me LIFE!

Thankfully, I climbed out of that pit through YEARS of therapy. And being in the sunshine is glorious. I recommend the healing process to everyone because we carry so many wounds as Aboriginal people. I hope we can all celebrate in the sunshine together one day.

Until then, send me as many letters as you want. This will always be my home, whether you like it or not. Until then, we must burn the state and embrace anarchism.