Four Aboriginal female filmmakers team up to reveal the beautiful complexities of their often misunderstood home, the Mohawk community of Kahnawake, through the poetic fusion of sound, image and music in this 6-minute documentary short.

Dream Big

Dream Big, a thirteen-part documentary series, teams up Aboriginal youth who have big dreams for their future with successful mentors in their chosen fields. In each episode, we will follow a “day-in-the-life” experience that will expose our young participants to the thrill of doing what they love! Dream Big encourages our kids to have big dreams – because everything is possible as long as they believe in themselves.

Sex Spirit Strength

Sex Spirit Strength, a 48-minute documentary, chronicles the lives of three Aboriginal youth who are navigating issues of sexual health, reclaiming control over their bodies and bringing Native traditions to the forefront in this modern world.

Escape Hatch

When a young Mohawk woman discovers her new amazing boyfriend is also her cousin, she decides to look off the reserve for love. But it turns out to be just as difficult to find her “Mr. Right” in enemy territory.