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Sex Spirit Strength

Sex Spirit Strength, a 45-minute documentary, chronicles the lives of two Aboriginal youth who are navigating issues of sexual health, reclaiming control over their bodies and bringing Native traditions to the forefront in this modern world.

These young trailblazers have reclaimed traditional knowledge and values and are calling the shots on social, political and environmental issues that affect their bodies. With a compassionate lens, Sex Spirit Strength takes a candid look at the personal issues, hopes and struggles of these youth as they embrace their sexuality and strive to make a difference in their communities.

Written & directed by: Courtney Montour
Produced by: Tracey Deer
Edited by:Carl Freed
Original score by:alaska B & Ange Loft
DOP:Jeremie Wookey
Broadcaster: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
Format: Feature documentary, 45 minutes